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PCB Mounting 500V DC Surge Protector

1.Power Lightning Protection Module specially used for photovoltaic system less than 500Vdc.
2.The core parts are metal oxide vristor components with high discharge capacity.
3.With reliable control thanks to Thermo Dynamic Control disconnector.
4.With remote signaling contact for control device.
5.Fault indication via red mark in the inspection window.


pcb mounting SPD coding

2. Dimension                                              & Circuit

pcb mounting SPD dimensionpcb mounting SPD drawing

4. Electrical parameters

Model. No.


SPD protection conforms to EN50539-11/IEC61643-31

Type 3

SPD installation type conforms to EN50539-11/IEC61643-31

Class III

Protection level conforms to DIN VDE0675-6


Type of Network

Photovoltaic systems DC side

Protection mode

(+/-) -(-/+) ,(+/-)-PE, (-/+)-PE

Nominal Voltage   UN

500 Vdc

Maximum continuous operating voltage for PV application   UCPV

560 Vdc

Continuous operating current   ICPV

<20 µA

Standby power consumption   PC

≤25 mVA

Maximum discharge current (8/20μs)   Imax

20 kA

Nominal discharge current (8/20μs)   In

10 kA

Voltage protection level   Up

≤1.8 kV

Open circuit voltage  Uoc

20 kV

DC short circuit breaking capacity


Rated short-circuit current for photovoltaic applications - Iscpv


Isolation resistance   Risol

>1000 MΩ

Response time   tA

≤25 ns

Remote control contact


Disconnection indicator

Mechanical indicator

(Green: OK, Red: Replace)

Alarm device

Normally closed during normal time, often open when abnormal

Installation location


Mounting type

PCB Board Welding



Housing material


Ambient temperature

-40°C ~+80°C


≤2000 m (amsl (above mean sea level))

5. Installation

pcb mounting SPD installation

Product Inquiry

We are professional manufacturer on R&D, production of surge protection products, including TUV certified AC SPDs according to IEC61643-11:2011, DC SPDs for PV system according to IEC61643-31, SPDs for PoE, surge counters and surge protection products test devices.

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